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Gather what you need...

  • the Lit Curls Product

  • a soft brush to smooth your hair

  • an empty spray bottle to make curl water

    (see instructions below)

  • make sure you have clean dry hair

  • a wide tooth comb

  • your blow dryer

How to make curl water...

1. Fill a spray bottle with water. You can find one of these on amazon or the dollar store.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of  STEP 1 of the Lit Curls product, per 8 oz of water to your bottle of water.

3. Shake until combined. Shake vigorously and often to keep combined before using. 

How to stretch your hair with

Lit Curls

Curl Weights...

Step by Step written Instructions

  • Before you begin: Make curl water. (scroll up for instructions)

  • Completely saturate your hair with "curl water".  Hair should be lightly moist (but not dripping), Add a small amount STEP 1 directly to your hair. Approximately one tablespoon for short hair and 2 tablespoons on long hair.

  • Add Step 2 to your hair. Apply a lot. Keep applying Step 2 until you hair appears white and is hard to comb. Make sure you coat each strand of your hair (root to tip) with step 2. Comb hair to evenly distribute.

  • Apply Step 3 to your hair. Be sure to use a lot. Cover your hair from root to tip with Step 3. Your hair should look like it's covered with mayonnaise. Your hair should have a thick white covering over it similar to the look of hair conditioner.

  • Check out your curl pattern. If you like what you see, begin the drying process. If not, use two strand twists or finger coils to create the curl pattern that you like.

  • Dry your hair with a blow dryer. Be sure not to manipulate the curls while you are drying your hair.

Application Tips

  • Don't manipulate or "open" curls while drying or your hair will dry bushy.

  • Don't style hair until hair is completely dry.

  • Be sure to use a lot of the Step 2 and Step 3 product.

  • Start with clean wet or dry hair.

  • Touch up your hair daily with all three steps

  • You must do all three steps as directed for good success!

  • Click here for more application tips

What to do daily...

  • Your goal is to layer a little bit of product on your hair daily to refresh your curly look.

  • Do not attempt to brush or comb your hair daily. You will make your hair bushy and your afro will return.

  • Wear a bonnet while sleeping

  • Shake your hair out every morning and apply a little curl water to reactivate your curls if necessary.

  • Add a little Step Two to your hair daily if it looks dry.

  • Add a little Step Three to your hair daily if it appears bushy.

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